School Age Child Care ~ SACC

Our Classes
  • Our door is the school door!

  • We provide before and after school care for Kindergarteners through 6th grade.

  • School age children need extra support and developmental care, just as infants and toddlers do. So we provide that level of support through our customized School Age Children programs.

    • Kindergarten
      • 1/12
    • 1st - 6th grade
      • 1/12
  • The SACC Program strives to meet the physical, social and emotional needs of the children.

    • A safe environment in your child's own school.
    • Adult tutoring for help with homework
    • Trained qualified adult supervision
    • Nutritious snacks to meet the health needs of growing children
    • Communicate with parents about school, home, SACC program
    • Recreational activities: sports, games, arts and music
  • How do I enroll my child in a class?